• Enamel and Lacquer Paints

MAC SprayGloss Designer

MAC SprayGloss hi build professional lacquer spray paint

  • A long lasting, high quality paint for a variety of painting jobs from car touch ups to bicycles
  • Fast drying, tough and durable, non fading due to excellent U.V. stability
  • Use on all hard surfaces, including metal, wood, glass and most plastics
  • Achieve a professional deep colour finish by applying one coat of MAC Silver Undercoat over MAC Anti-rust Primer or MAC Surface Primer
  • Next apply several fine coats of the chosen Spraygloss colour, allowing each successive coat to dry
  • A final coat of MAC Spraygloss Clear will give a deep, durable protective finish to the painted article
  • Unique spray valve helps prevent blockages even when the can is not cleared after use
  • Ozone-friendly, low-toxicity propellant

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