• Engineering

AF Sprayduster Non-Flammable & Invertible

Pressurised invertible non-flammable air duster suitable for use on live electronics

with extension tube to make it easy to remove dirt, dust and debris from hard-to-reach areas on delicate electronic equipment.  

Sprayon Welders Anti-Spatter Wet

Cleans and protects welding tips and nozzles

  • Wet weld protectant
  • Liquid anti spatter
  • Keeps welding tips and nozzles clean
  • Prevents weld spatter adhesion
  • Silicone-free
  • Will not interfere with post finishing

Sprayon Welders Anti-Spatter Dry

Stops spatter sticking

  • Powder formula that dries to a white film
  • Prevents spatter from sticking to metal surfaces during welding
  • Just brush or wipe off residue after welding
  • Reveals weld cracks
  • Silicone-free
  • Surface may be painted after use

Sprayon Air Duster (Non Flammable)

Non flammable air duster suitable for use on live electronics

  • Pressurised non flammable gas
  • Trigger and extension tube for controlled application and improved access to hard to reach areas
  • Easily removes microscopic dust, dirt, ferrous oxides and contaminants
  • No residue
  • Safe to use  on delicate electronic equipment, components and instruments
  • No harmful solvents – safe on plastics

Sprayon Insulating Varnish

Fast drying, flexible insulating enamel

  • Fast drying insulating enamel, air dries in 10 minutes
  • Outstanding oil and chemical abrasion resistance
  • Provides a smooth glossy surface which sheds dirt easily
  • Excellent flexibility and water resistance
  • Available in clear, red or green

Sprayon Stainless Steel Cleaner

Cleans, polishes and protects stainless steel

  • Cleans, polishes, brightens and protects stainless steel and other metals including chrome and aluminium
  • Can also be used on porcelain, ceramic and laminated surfaces
  • Water spots, spills, food and oil based marks are cleaned up easily
  • Polishes to a non-greasy film
  • Resist watermarks, rusting and fingerprints

Sprayon Stainless Steel Coating

Protects and strengthens metals

  • Formulated with 100 type 316L stainless steel pigment
  • Provides maximum corrosion resistance on stainless steel, copper and other metals
  • Dries quickly to a satin sheen
  • Hardens overnight and cures to optimum strength in just a few days
  • Withstands temperatures up to 205 degrees celsius

Sprayon Silver Galvanising Compound

Stops rust by electro-chemical action on steel or galvanized coatings.

  • High performance sacrificial coating
  • Inhibits rust and corrosion in ferrous metals
  • Excellent fast drying compound for touch-us on galvanised substrates
  • Bright finish similar to hot dipped galvanising
  • Suitable on damaged galvanised surfaces
  • Colour Silver

Sprayon Zinc-Rich Galvanising Compound

Stops rust by electro-chemical action on steel or galvanized coatings
  • Fast-drying, high-solids, high performance, epoxy-based primer coating
  • Provides maximum protection to steel exposed to severe corrosive environments
  • Prevents rust by an electro-chemical action on steel or galvanised coatings
  • Rust protection is equal to or better than hot-dipped galvanizing
  • Prevents rust creepage in scratches, unlike conventional primers
  • Highly resistant to salt corrosion and water
  • Meets or exceeds MIL-P-26915C
  •  Colour Zinc


Patented ergonomic can handler – eliminates fatigue